Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finished knit; new hat for me!

I decided to completely ignore the almost-completed baby knits in favour of knitting a hat for myself, as, up until about 3 days ago, the weather was still cold enough to warrant a hat. So a lovely skein of delicious Malabrigo Finito found it's way home with me to become my newest head-warmer.

Needles; 3 mm
modifications; I cast on extra stitches - total of 136 st to allow for the smaller tension & for my larger than average head. I used just over a skein of yarn & intend to use the remainder for mitts.

During recent walks on our local mountain trails I have found that my ears are painfully cold without a hat, but that my head is uncomfortably warm with a hat on. The relatively fine yarn & yarn-overs of the stitch pattern means this hat has just enough ventilation to maintain a comfortable temperature balance. 
Though even with comfortably warm ears I still didn't pay attention to some puddles on our trail & ended with mud-splattered boots & jeans. Time to re-think the hill-walking legwear perhaps.

In defence of Lyons..

In response to this here blog post, I feel the need to share the following;

A tea mug with an owl called Tom. From Lyons. I rest my case.

In case anyone is wondering, I prefer Lyons, with a minimal drop of milk, or sometimes even black. It must be a mug, because a wee cup is just too small. The tea bag must be removed before adding the milk (otherwise, I can tell from the taste). It tastes better if you call it tae (pronounced 'tay'), and often the tea is a bit too wet to have without a yummy digestive biscuit.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


At the moment, my home is a bit of a disorganised mess, and I've recently been going on about my good intentions to tidy it & clear out unwanted & unnecessary stuff.
In the midst of all that mess, I've rediscovered a couple of knitting projects that are so very nearly finished.
Small knitted things, that just need a bit of sewing.
Things.... for babies.
As though I didn't knit enough baby things last year, in evidence hereherehere & here....
Yep. That's right. While I was busy making things for babies last year, other people were off making more babies. And in the last couple of weeks those babies have been arriving!  So I really should get out the needles & the buttons & finish these off..

However, I have been distracted by other knitting, lovely other knitting involving steeks *...

 ... and cables. 

*yes, that is a sample knit for Kate Davies' new Blaithin Junior pattern. (the sooner I figure out how to insert fadas on a Mac laptop the better). I thoroughly enjoyed knitting up the pattern. I really admire Kate's designs - the thought & inspiration behind them, and the fact that I learn new techniques while knitting them. Plus, they're pretty! Also, steeking = not that scarey anymore, and learning is fun!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who supported my yarn sale fundraiser this past week. Thank you to everyone who shared & promoted a link to the sale, to everyone who purchased some yarn & 
to everyone donated extra funds. 

So far, the sale has raised a whopping e239 euro, with a couple of items still left to sell. 
I'm utterly delighted with the amount raised; some of you have new yarns, and some of my underappreciated handspun yarn is going to a new home to become new, exciting & unexpected finished objects. I look forward to seeing many project pages. 

Most of all, it's cheered me on greatly during a time of uncertainty in my workplace, 
& encouraged me to keep the training up after a couple of lazy weeks. It's given me a reason to be as happy as a puppy with a stick.