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Sculpture in Context 2017

This year's Sculpture in Context is on now at the National Botanic Gardens, until October 20th. It's well worth a visit, though I like any excuse to visit the Botanic Gardens at this time of year.

Since having Small People in my life, my opinions on public art have changed somewhat. I've gone from liking the look, and sometimes the concept of the piece, to enjoying pieces that can be interactive; ones that encourage kids of all ages to get involved instead of having to warn them not to touch the untouchable thing on a plinth. Luckily, Sculpture in contect always has plenty of variety; lovely things to look at, fun things to interact with, hidden things, obvious things, and all in a wonderful setting.

There were quite a few pieces that reflected or distorted images of the rather iconic Palm house. It's enjoyable to imagine how these pieces would change depending on their surroundings - another play on the idea of sculptures in a specific context.

Here are some of our fa…

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